Technico-economical analysis of additive scenarios for a biomass plant operations optimization

In a recent project, we have further developed a technical-economic framework to analyse the potential opportunity to include mineral additives for the operations optimization of a 13-MWel biomass plant. The plant is processing low quality woody fuels, with slagging and fouling challenges.

Different commercial possibilities are available and additive prices are varying. The techno-economic choice must take into account different variables including, for example, variations on:

  • boiler performance
  • boiler operating hours and/or downtime reduction
  • SHs/heat exchangers lifetime, conventional cleaning programme variation
  • additive dosing and injection equipment (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • additive prices
  • flue gas cleaning impact and adjustment
  • ash disposal costs and ash handling arrangement

As a result of the full techno-economic modelling, additive type selection and break even point related to additive price was computed, for the specific plant.

A snapshot of some of the results is published below: the variation of O&M (fixed and variable) costs for the specific plant (€/year) is evaluated for two specific Ca- and Al-Si based additives (additivation rate 1,0 wt%) with respect to the baseline case (no additive), as a function of the additives price.

The wide range of the computed O&M cost variation is caused by mixing optimistic and pessimistic predictions related to the variables mentioned in the list above. After selecting the additive type, results were further refined reducing the uncertainty on the O&M cost variation prediction for the specific additivation rate.

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