Smaller scale RDF/SRF plants – alternative horizontal boiler design for sticky RDF ash

Smaller WtE plants, integrated at different levels of the urban environment, minimise the transportation of waste and ensure the local benefit is maximised from community waste.

In a recent project, a manufacturer developed a rotating boiler with automated cleaning to reduce ash build up on surfaces, specifically for high ash RDF/SRF. The system was designed from 2017 and grated the patented in 2019.

Instead of using an adiabatic furnace linked to a single pass radiant coil and with convective heat batteries equipped with steam/air cleaning nozzles, a standard vertical boiler design is placed horizontally to be able to rotate. This also allows to reduce installations height (reduced construction costs). Continuous rotation more easily removes ash and guarantees performance up to 30% ash fuels. Granular recyclable cleaning media can be used where required (no cleaning systems). Fuel feed, grate speed and combustion air is optimized with a computer vision control system.

Download the boiler design patent

Is this rotary incinerator design more reliable than the most often use, dynamic water-cooled moving grate? It depends on the system size and fuel spectrum. We will wait for additional return on experience from new plants and keep you updated!

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