No Fuel Is Ever the Same / Episode 6: sunflower husks

Combustion properties of each fuel are different, depending on the specific sample characteristics.

Even within the same fuel type, differences are found in the predicted combustion behaviour.

The “No fuel is ever the Same” Serie is a set of posts focussing specific fuels, selected within the interesting AgroBioHeat EU project.

The ash behaviour is evaluated with the BIOFACT Fuel App, an online tool for qualitative fuels screening. The AgroBioHeat Factsheet for the specific fuel type is also reported for your information.

Episode 6: sunflower shells

Sunflower shells sample 1

Sunflower shells sample 2

The BIOFACT Fuel App is a tool validated against pilot and real scale tests, contact us for further information.

Factsheet courtesy: The nice factsheets can be downloaded from


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