Webinar Series – Agricultural Residues

Date: 9 December 2020 Time: 1100 – 1300 hrs

Agriculture residues are one of the most abundantly available resource worldwide as millions of tons of husk, straw etc. are produced globally which are either left to rot or burned on the fields. Efficient utilization of these residues to produce heat, electricity and biofuels offer various advantages including replacing fossil fuel use, reducing emissions, and promoting local economic development. However, various technological, social and policy challenges hinder the progress of the sector.

In this regard, World Bioenergy Association is pleased to invite everyone to an upcoming free webinar which will focus on the latest combustion technologies available in currently operational commercial facilities worldwide. The session will include presentations from industry representatives who will inform on the latest state of art in technology development for efficient agricultural residues to energy conversion.

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The webinar will include

  • Opening remarks from World Bioenergy Association
  • Presentations from equipment manufacturers about the latest technological developments in the agriculture residues to energy sector
  • Panel discussion and sharing of best practices to promote the sector
  • Live Q&A with audience

This webinar is the 1st in a series of webinars to focus on agricultural residues to energy sector with subsequent webinars planned to focus on research, supply chain logistics and end uses.

European Biomass Ash Workshop 2020

BIOFACT joined the European Biomass Ash Workshop 2020 by VGB and StandardConsult.

A tremendous increase in the use of biomass as a replacement fuel for coal for the production of heat and power causes the production also of huge quantities of biomass ash. The present-day situation is that this process has progressed far beyond the point where small quantities of ash could just be considered as unused waste. Utilization in any form is crucially important and this related to the ash chemistry characteristics.

We focused the participation on two keynotes:

  • Ash produced with the presence of additives (IFK).
  • Correct and representative ash sampling according to standards and best practices (Ørsted).

Participants are from IFK Stuttgart, HOFOR A/S, Ørsted Bioenergy & Thermal A/S, VGB PowerTech, TFZ, Agrotrade A/S, VTT,  DTU, Fortum, Emineral A/S and many others.




Biomass for heat to accelerate Europe’s recovery and pave the way to climate neutrality

Full report: 55 Tech Quests to accelerate Europe’s recovery and pave the way to climate neutrality


Industry report: https://www.capgemini.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Industry-report.pdf

Heat supply area


Co-processing of waste and biomass in furnaces (from 300° to over 1000°C).


Recovery from high-grade heat waste, high temperature heat pumps, bioenergy, geothermal energy, symbiosis heat networks.



BIOFACT Fuel Dashboards 6.0 – newly developed graphical results

BIOFACT Fuel Dashboards 6.0 incorporates newly developed equilibrium phase diagrams, obtained with the last release of updated databases of the thermochemical equilibrium software.

Those in house developed graphical representation of equilibrium results (firstly presented in a PhD Thesis) allow to rapidly understand where the 100% liquid and 100% solid phase regions are located in ternary mixtures of major fuel ash oxides.

The most applicable diagram is included in the sample-specific Fuel Dashboard!