Facts and figures electricity generation 2020: biomass, the all rounder

“Energy production from biomass is a decisive component of the energy transition. Currently, 185 TWh of electricity is produced from biomass in Europe, which means that biomass accounts for 18.4 % of renewable electricity generation. In Europe, Sweden, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom were the countries with the highest electricity production from biomass in 2017.

Biomass is used as a fuel in thermal power plants or is fermented to produce methane in biogas plants. Biomass power plants meet the same requirements for the stability of the electricity grid as fossil-fired power plants. They are suitable for base-load as well as for the supply of balancing and control power. In addition, it is also possible to convert coal-fired power plants to biomass in order to continue using existing sites. Biogas is usually used in gas engines to generate electricity or can be fed into the natural gas grid. This contributes a considerable storage potential.

Biomass power plants and biogas plants can be used both in centralized and distributed systems. Biomass, as an all-round renewable energy source, is therefore an indispensable component of future energy supply systems.”

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