Will this fuel cause operational problems? Which optimal engineered fuels mixes?

BIOFACT is an online platform to help engineers and business developers for the biomass fuels screening.

Today, many solid fuels, such as agricultural residues, are available, cheap, and could be converted into useful energy in sustainable ways. However, the combustion of those fuels can cause technical and operational problems and therefore is an open question.

Problems are often related to the inorganic matter present in the fuel, this converts in ash, which can form slag and agglomerates at high temperatures, deposits on heat exchangers at lower temperatures and cause corrosion in the plant.

BIOFACT provides an online evaluation on operational risks, for example, ash and emissions risks, for the specific fuel. It also suggests the most suitable technology to process the fuel.

BIOFACT is a boost for the use of solid renewable fuels in the modern energy system!