✔ Combustion study for roadside grass (untreated vs. pretreated, feasibility)
✔ Combustion study for almond shells
✔ Combustion study for bran
✔ Combustion study for low quality tropical wood
✔ Combustion study for rice husk
✔ Combustion study for maize straw pellets
✔ Combustion study for plant co-firing 70/30 – 80/20 olive residues
✔ Combustion study for SRF to limit corrosion risk
✔ Combustion study for US wood pellets
✔ Combustion study for mixed agro pellets (prunings, straw, corn stover)
✔ Combustion study for wood waste samples (troubleshooting)
✔ Combustion study for driftwood, raw vs. rain leached
✔ Combustion study for baltic wood mixtures (plant design)
✔ Project to identify factors impacting the biomass inorganic fraction variability
✔ Combustion feasibility study for a set of agricultural solid fuels
✔ Combustion study for different RDF samples (troubleshooting)
✔ Combustion study comparing mediterranean shrubs with pine pellets
✔ Combustion study for lignin rich, biorefinery waste residues
✔ Combustion study for sugarcane industry residues
✔ Combustion study for SRF char
✔ Combustion study for river maintenance wood
✔ Combustion study for palm oil processing residues
✔ Combustion feasibility study for flint corn
✔ Combustion study for beer industry waste
✔ Combustion study study for high-P pellets
✔ Combustion study for wine industry residues: chips and pellets
✔ Combustion study for spent coffee grounds
✔ Combustion study for different samples of corn cobs and coffee grounds
✔ Combustion study for olive residues biomass
✔ Project on torrefaction of biomass: ash slagging, fouling and corrosion
✔ Combustion study for king grass – sawdust blends
✔ Combustion feasibility study for available non-conventional woody fuels
✔ Combustion study for different fractions of RDF
✔ Gasification feasibility study for bamboo biomass



✔ Rapid laboratory method for prediction of slag formation in biomass combustion – beyond the Ash Fusion Test.
✔ Best available technologies for mitigating high temperature corrosion in biowaste to energy boilers.
✔ Best available technologies for mitigating ash slagging, agglomeration and fouling in biowaste to energy boilers.
✔ Review of mineral additives, catalysts, sorbents and active bed materials for mitigating ash related issues in biowaste combustion.
✔ Impact of fuel pre-treatment on ash related issues in combustion: torrefaction, steam explosion, hydrothermal carbonization and washing.
✔ Review of biomass and waste ash valorization: utilizations, opportunities and challenges.
✔ Return on experiences of biomass thermal utilization in cement kilns, glass and metallurgical industries.
✔ Review of biomass ash related challenges in oxyfuel, CLC and gasification.
✔ Biomass ash related challenges in SRF, RDF and MSW combustion: a state-of-the-art review.
✔ Asian available non conventional biomass fuels: predicting ash related issues.
✔ Analysis of origin of inorganic elements in biomass with case studies of process contaminations.
✔ Recommendations for reliable and representative fuel characterization based on industrial return on experience.
✔ Biomass combustion CFD simulations: state-of-the-art literature review.



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