BIOFACT Engineering joins the event: “Bringing VALUE to AGROBIOMASS”

We joined the event: “Bringing VALUE to AGROBIOMASS” organized by the AgroBioHeat project to facilitate cooperation on sustainable utilisation of biomass from agriculture and side streams from food production.

All over Europe, there is agricultural production of various crops for food and feed and processing of these crops. This results in a large volume of residual biomass streams that can be utilised for various purposes; however, their current mobilization rates remain generally quite low. These resources have the potential to contribute to the transition from a fossil-based economy to a green economy. Agriculture can also provide additional biomass resources through improved land management practices, e.g. by cultivating new crops on marginal lands. Whatever their origin, these agrobiomass resources can be used for production of energy, chemicals, new food products, pharma, materials, and more. The challenge to realise this potential is in some cases a technological one, that requires innovation and development of new processes and equipment. In many cases, e.g. the use of agrobiomass for heat production, there are already available mature technologies in the market that are ready to go, but their market uptake is hindered by absent value chains and lack of knowledge about available technologies. The Bringing Value to Agrobiomass event addressed this by providing an online matchmaking platform for participants to display their technology, express their technological or material needs, or bring attention to their excess biomass resources in order to find cooperation partners to help utilise them. The ultimate goal was to connect relevant stakeholders to facilitate new collaboration on improved use of all these resources.

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