Help to characterize non-conventional fuels and improved “fuel awareness”

In energy plants, fuel flexibility is desirable but risky. Non conventional fuels can induce operational problems (ex. fouling, corrosion, emissions) difficult to predict. Pilot testing is useful but time consuming. BIOFACT rapidly detects operational risks for biomass and waste fuels. A unique tool for engineers and buyers to screen fuels.





How it works

  1. Request a technical consult and send the fuel analyses (include ash composition).
  2. Get the BIOFACT Report by email in 24h or online
    • Identify, for the specific fuel, the combustion operational risks and the most suitable combustion technology to process it.
    • Find the optimal mix of fuels/additives/bed material to minimize ash related issues.

Any questions? Request the tool validation report!




Example of BIOFACT Fuel Report





BIOFACT explained in 60 seconds




Go beyond proximate/ultimate and elemental analyses!
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