Prediction of biomass and waste ash
operational risks in combustion

Prescriptive numerical modeling and fuel data analytics for process optimization.

 Predict quantitatively ash related risks for variable agro-fuels and wastes
 Maintain the reliability with challenging quality biomass in multi-fuel combustion and gasification plants
 Support the value chain: fuel procurement, boiler design and retrofit, O&M troubleshooting, plant operations
✔ Improve fuel awareness and communication, visualizing fuel data for any user groups

No fuel is ever the same: ash depends on fuel species and age, part of the plant, climate and
soil composition, fuel fertilization and harvesting, waste sorting and trace contaminants.




Slagging, agglomeration

Prediction of the slag load, sticking properties and agglomeration in the furnace


Fouling, deposition

Prediction of the volatilized sticky fly ash and hard deposits adhesion in convective passes


Fireside corrosion, erosion

Prediction of corrosive species occurrence in the high and low temperature boiler sections


Prediction of PM, SOx, HCl, HF, heavy metals emissions with ash and sorbents retention



Burning biomass, especially agro-biomass, offers a great potential, but it comes along with challenges such as slagging and corrosion. BIOFACT allows to anticipate the combustion behaviour of any biomass, giving precious information to any boilers operators and manufacturers!

Director, Bioenergy Europe (AEBIOM)

BIOFACT gives a double check on fuel properties for internal use, but graphical presentation also help to explain to customers in an easy and comprehensive way what are the risks of different fuels.

R&D manager, Vyncke

BIOFACT is a useful tool when evaluating a fuel change or investigating a particular fuel related problem e.g. corrosion, emissions, deposits, etc.  

Technical manager, Jansen Boiler Tech.




We are engineers (PhD) with a proven expertise in biomass and waste combustion, specifically in fuel ash related phenomena including slagging, agglomeration, fouling and corrosion. Modelling and numerical prediction studies are available with independent consulting mandates.

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Reach out so we can work together to anticipate or mitigate ash related issues for flexible boiler operations. Studies are generally 20%40% less expensive than a comparable pilot experimental testing.
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