Quickly characterize non-conventional fuels,
improve “fuel awareness” and know how to change fuel chemistry


In energy plants, fuel flexibility is desirable but risky. Non conventional fuels can induce operational problems (e.g. slagging, fouling, corrosion) difficult to predict. Pilot testing is useful but time consuming. BIOFACT rapidly detects operational risks for biomass and waste fuels. A unique tool for engineers and buyers to screen fuels, anticipate risks and ensure high performance plant operation.





How it works

  1. Request the expert advice: send us the fuel analyses including ash composition (template).
  2. Get your fuel BIOFACT Dashboard in PDF by email in 24h




The new BIOFACT Dashboards offer highly visualized fuel data for any user group, from operators to the CEO, at any location

Go beyond elemental analyses! BIOFACT helps optimizing combustion, dealing with permanent change of the fuel quality, anticipating operational problems and reducing drawbacks

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